1. Create or edit a timer

When you first install the app or don't have any timers you will see the following screen.

Click the  Add timer button to begin creating your first timer.

When you have at least one timer already created you will see a list of your timers in a table.

The table shows a summary of all your timers including its name, the type of products selected and current status.

To create a new timer, click the Add timer button. 

To edit an existing timer, click the name of the timer you wish to edit.

When you create a timer, it's recommended to give it a memorable name in the general settings so that you can identify it in the table later.

As changes are made to the settings, the timer preview will update to show how the timer will look in real-time.

To save any changes click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.

To return to the table of timers, click the < Timers link.